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In 1985 we decided to use our extensive knowledge in electrical engineering and open our business as a pump and motor shop. We specialized in residential and commercial pump repairs, motor repairs and motor rewinding.

Since a large portion or that business was in the repairs of irrigation pumps as well as controls we were expanded to become irrigation contractors. We were able to use our expertise in plumbing and began installing and repairing irrigation systems in the area. Our electrical knowledge partnered with our engineering and plumbing knowledge was synergistic in allowing us to grow our irrigation business. Because of our superior management skills and work ethics we quickly grew that business and are still today offering the best pump and irrigation installation and repairs available.

Floating Lake Fountains

Floating Lake Fountains and aerators were still another large part of our pump and motor business. Floating fountain submersible turbine pumps were coming in for repairs as were the calls for us to come out to the sight and pull the pumps from the lake fountains. We not only began repairing the pumps for these fountains, buy also redesigning and reengineering them for increased longevity as well as a higher esthetic value. Many happy customers and board members requested that on their future fountains that we build them properly from the start. We have since designed, engineered and built some of the most beautiful lake fountains in the area. These fountains, in addition to their esthetic value, through proper engineering, are running trouble free for many years.

Architectural Fountains

Architectural fountains, which also have a great dependence on centrifugal and submersible pumps, which we were repairing in our pump facility. These fountains were the largest challenge of all as they required the most engineering, plumbing and electrical expertise of all that we do. By 1990, we were using the knowledge and experience that we excelled in and were once again repairing and renovating the mechanics associated with both, residential and commercial fountains and waterfalls. We have , once again, found a niche for what we excel in and have continued growing our fountain division. By the year 2000 we were redesigning and repairing fountains and waterfalls as well as obtaining our commercial swimming pool license which allows us to make structural repairs to these fountains as well as build them from scratch. We have, through the years seen and repaired numerous design and construction flaws in these fountains and waterfalls and were now able to again provide a turnkey architectural fountain or waterfall that was properly designed, engineered and built. We, over the years, have tested and found the best fountain equipment made as well as the pumping systems that are most efficient and have the longest life expectancy.

Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools, by this time, we had performed so many repairs on swimming pools, both residential as well as commercial that we felt that we could offer a great service in renovating and constructing swimming pools and merged the fountain company with our swimming pool division. This also was a perfect match as we were able to incorporate out synthetic rock work with our pools as well as incorporating fountain nozzles and jets. We are known for some of the most magnificent pools in the area residential and commercial.


Controls as they pertain to fountains, irrigation systems or swimming pools. Again our expertise in electrical engineering, plumbing and engineering as a whole allows us to do what many other pool and fountain companies simply cannot. Fountain automation, with water switches, variab le frequency drives time sequencers as well as laminar technology are some of the things we excel in. Coordination of these items with the plumbing, pumps and lighting systems within fountains is one of our specialties. Swimming pool automation systems and integration of same with back yard lighting and fogging systems. Are some of the things that we have become known for. Some pools and water features that we have designed and built could only run with the most sophisticated control systems available. Our knowledge in pumps and variable frequency drives has allowed us to also assist some of our regulars in the reprogramming and repairs to such things as domestic water pumping systems and saving them tons of money in the use of VFD’s on major pump systems. A little known fact is that on large pumps such as commercial fountains and waterfalls that by slowing the feature pumps down to about 90%…Offers no significant loss in esthetics while cutting the electrical cost almost in half.


Artistic Pools and Waterfalls, Partnered with our sister company All Pumps and Sprinklers would be a great asset to any building manager, building engineer and or management company. Given the opportunity we would build your trust and show you why since 1978 We have proven ourselves time and again to be a professional single source for many of your needs.

A picture is worth a thousand words which is why I have decided to sacrifice download speed of this page and include some pictures of projects we have completed. Please take a minute and view them and get an idea of the work that we have become known for.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page. We are looking forward to working with you.

George Criscione
Artistic Pools and Waterfalls

Artistic Pools & Waterfalls haa worked hard to provide South Florida with the finest fountain and waterfall construction available anywhere! We are your single source solution for all your pools, fountain and waterfall needs!

With over 15 years experience in the design, engineering and construction of all phases of the fountain and waterfall business, we have the talent and knowledge to give you the finest product available anywhere.

By combining our design and construction expertise with only the finest components in the industry, you are sure of the highest quality waterfeature available anywhere!

George Criscione
George Criscione

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